Barcode Hero is live—and we’re hiring!

Very excited to announce that my new startup has launched. Presenting Barcode Hero!

The launch has gotten off to a great start. Users describe themselves as “addicted” and some have scanned hundreds or even thousands of items. Highlights from the launch press included:

(Now you know why I haven’t been blogging the past couple of months!)

Also happy to announce that we’ve raised a seed round from a great list of angel investors, and we’re hiring our first employees now. From our careers page:

We have opportunities in:

  • Software engineering: iPhone, Android, and Web
  • Community management and customer service
  • UI and graphic design

We are attacking a large market with an ambitious vision: to transform the way consumers shop in stores. Join us and you’ll be making this vision into reality. You’ll work with a small team alongside the founders, with the chance to have a major impact on the product and the company. Your role won’t be limited by a job description; you’ll be doing whatever it takes to make the company successful. You’ll be positioned to grow along with the company, your responsibilities increasing as fast as our userbase and headcount. It’s a high-potential entrepreneurial challenge, perfect for someone who wants their next job to be the last before “founder”.

We are committed to creating an environment in which employees can do their best work, executing with discipline and taking pride in the result. We are also committed to helping employees grow, building skills that will take them to the next level in their careers.

We offer a compelling equity package along with seed-stage salaries and benefits. Barcode Hero is located in San Francisco.

Contact us at


  1. Dan says:

    I decided to try your app. Sounded like a great idea. I installed it and went all the way to where you want to access all my facebook data, my friends etc., even when I’m not using your app. This scared the hell out of me and I quit your app. People really don’t have a problem with that? I love the idea of all the review possibilities of people rating products, kind of like yelp or or urbanspoon, but can’t see why you need to know who my friends are etc.

    • We use Facebook for login because Barcode Hero is a social barcode scanner. Logging in with Facebook makes signup quick and easy (you don’t have to create another profile), makes it easy to find friends, and helps keep spammers out. (We ask for access “at any time” so that you don’t have to log in again every time you start the app–that’s all.)

      We take privacy concerns very seriously, and have taken a no-spam pledge: Hope that helps address your concerns.

    • It’s a shame so many other apps have abused the Facebook connection and are scaring people away (or that Facebook allowed this kind of abuse). I don’t blame users for being cautious, but Barcode Hero is an honest company and does the right thing in this regard. I’ve had no problems thus far as a user.

      It would be nice for people to create an account without having to use Facebook. Not everyone is on Facebook, plus, this would address those who are still a little paranoid.

  2. Aaron Klein says:

    Congrats! Look forward to checking it out.

  3. Richard says:

    Hi Jason, I am thrilled that you have something so productive under way. I hope it catches on! I have actually known (of) you & your parents since you were a tweenager in a video arcade at a 2nd Renaissance conference! (I think it was in or near New Jersey.)

    When did the idea come to you? When did you start working on it earnestly? Did you do most of the programming work? Did you have to learn the iPhone OS too? How do you maintain control, when you have so many “angel investors” (or are these angels not venture capitalists, and more private friends & family)?

    • Hi Richard, just got back from a trip. Thanks for the encouragement! To answer your questions: We started Barcode Hero (then “Kima Labs”) in January and I was working on it full-time by February. My co-founder and I are the only employees, so we write all the code, so far. I was already experienced in iPhone development.

      Regarding control: Companies usually don’t give up much control in the angel round. Angel investors, even professional ones, tend to be relatively hands-off, and they don’t usually take board seats. So, it’s all up to us!

  4. Bdarwell says:

    Found you through Quora after you voted up my answer about wanting our social networks to be more useful to us. Barcode Hero is a great example what what I was talking about. Good luck with it!

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